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Colorgramme Lab version 3.0 is here - by Pierre Terrier 2016/02/23 @ 16:30

Colorgramme Lab version 3.0  available in download area !

New version RaMAP v 1.7 by Esteban Holgado N - by Pierre Terrier 2014/03/01 @ 09:30

Hello all radio meteor obs !

The new version of  RaMAP ( v 1.7)  by Esteban Holgado N  is downloadable on

It is a very optimised version, cross plateform.


New page on RMOB live observatories - by Pierre Terrier 2013/11/25 @ 09:24

New page on RMOB live observatories
These observatories sorted in increasing longitudes East to West

this allows easier comparison of data

New Colorgramme Lab software update ( v 2.4 ) and (v 2.5 ) - by Pierre Terrier 2012/04/30 @ 16:35

Martin Rigby ( g4fui ) found an bug about FTP transfert in Colorgramme Software.

I have change the code for corrected this bug.

You find the new Colorgramme Lab.exe file (v 2.4)  in Download > "Download free windows software" menu of website !

Another version with some bug fix is available now ( v 2.5 ) in Download > "Download free windows software" menu of website !

Best regards,

Pierre Terrier

New RMOB full text search engine - by Pierre Terrier 2011/12/13 @ 17:47

If you have a question about data published in RMOB BULLETIN,
For sample :
How many time my name appear in RMOB BULLETIN ?
the answer is here : RMOB FULL TEXT SEARCH ENGINE on TWITTER ! - by Pierre Terrier 2011/10/08 @ 10:22

We have create TWITTER profile for send and follow the news about radio meteor observation and observers !

New RMOB Search Engine implemented - by Pierre Terrier 2009/12/26 @ 19:11

An new RMOB Search Engine is currently implemented using PhpDig

All RMOB Bulletin full TEXT format is in our database

new web site and server for - by Pierre Terrier 2009/04/03 @ 23:27 as moved on a new server for a most performances and HD wide for our data.

We hare very grateful to Infosat company for the help to hosting RMOB on these Linux server.



Colorgramme v 2.2 update - by Pierre Terrier 2008/04/21 @ 10:39

Update of Colorgramme Lab v 2.2 is available in download area.

Download and unzip EXE file in your Colorgramme Lab directory and replace old EXE file then run.

FIX some problems of FTP transfer protocol.

Colorgramme RMOB Lab V 2.1 announcement - by Pierre Terrier 2008/02/26 @ 23:00

Latest version of Colorgramme Lab is on line.

See download area.

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