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mmvisu.gifSoftware - RMOB Survey

The RMOB Software is writing for display all RMOB files of one year per observer.

It is very useful for see many phenomena.

  • Meteor shower periodic apparition.
  • Background Meteoritic noise.
  • To see the problems in adjustment of the receiving radio station and modifications of the receive parameters of the observers.
  • And it demonstrates the utility of permanent monitoring meteor radio noise.
  • It open the way to an deepened analysis of long length phenomena.
  • RMOB Survey software is a freeware and work properly ONLY under Windows® 95-98-2000-XP
  • Minimum Requirement : PC Pentium SVGA screen 800x600 16 bits colors 32 Mo Ram.
  • RMOB Survey is a part of another software Colorgramme WMeteor see

To download please go downloads area
The files of the Year 2000 - 2001 and 2002 is include in this version.

To install : After download unzip RMOB_SURVEY_V11.ZIP then run SETUP_RMOB_SURVEY_V11.EXE

Possible ERROR message at running if you don't have Microsoft EXCEL onto your computer !
Skip this message then continue, that work properly, but don't use "Save in Excel" button.

No help file is present, but it is very easy to use.

To upgrade the RMOB observers files please come back on this page monthly to download next month RMOB observers files.

See Downloads AREA please...

Below screen shoot of RMOB Survey with Dave Swan 2002 RMOB files loaded.


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Last update : 2009/08/19 @ 19:07
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